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AIB Srl operates directly in the occupational health and safety sector in accordance with the requirements of TU 81/08 and subsequent modifications and additions.  

Some of our specializations are:

  • Checking the accuracy of projects to the safety regulations required by TU 81/08. 
  • Comparison between Italian and foreign regulations for workers of foreign companies in Italy. 
  • Evaluations of the risks and safety measures for workers of Italian companies overseas.
R.S.P.P. Service

R.S.P.P. Service

AIB Srl provides the RSPP (Responsible Service for Prevention and Protection) service through personnel of proven experience as the more than 300 clients served show over the years that operate in all the production sectors: industry, commercial, transport, tourism and tertiary in general. 

Our RSPP managers have provided consultancy services for safety in the most varied situations:

  • Law offices
  • Notaries
  • Accountants
  • Foundations
  • Call centres
  • University research centres
  • Cultural associations
  • Ratings agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Supermarkets
  • Publishers
  • Engineering and consultancy companies
  • Computer companies
  • Transport companies
  • Logistic services companies
  • Food shops
  • Bars
  • Jewellery stores
  • workshops
  • car crash repairs
  • various manufacturing companies
  • non profit organizations
  • tour operators
  • travel and holiday agencies
  • exhibition centres
  • events and shows
  • assembly companies
  • carpentry workshops
  • production and sale of medical equipment
  • nursery, primary and medium schools
  • sanitary companies
  • religious institutes
  • ferrous material recycling companies
  • waste treatment companies
  • companies for the construction and management of drinking water treatment and distribution systems
  • companies for the construction and management of civil and industrial waste water systems
  • companies for the construction and management of cogeneration

We also offer sanitary supervision services in collaboration with a medical clinic that specialises in Occupational Medicine. The service offered by AIB is not limited only to the role of RSSP with the related obligations of regular meetings (art. 35 of TU 81/08) and the annual inspection but also includes:

  • at least a second annual visit 
  • regular updating of risk evaluation and correlated occupational stress (in collaboration with the competent Doctor, if appointed) 
  • drawing up the exit plan interference risk evaluation (DUVRI)  
  • continual telephone and email consultancy on new regulations for the safety concerning the client company.

The Manager of the Responsible Service for Prevention and Protection must have specific training defined in current regulations.

In order to carry out the RSSP, for consultants or employees, it is necessary to possess a diploma of at least an upper high school diploma and a certification of attendance of specific training courses. These RSSP training courses are always commensurate with the nature of the risks present in the workplace and related to the work activity.


The occupational safety courses provided by AIB are prepared with the utmost attention to current legislation and updates, as well as care for the proper understanding by those in attendance. The courses are diversified according to the different activities and the classes of risk (low, medium, high) of the participants and are accompanied by specific educational and illustrative materials.

With its teachers and external consultants AIB Srl organizes in both its own premises and at the clients’ premises:

Training courses for Workers
  1. General Training: 4 hours for all the sectors,
  2. Specific training,:
    • 4 hours for the sectors in the high-risk class,
    • 8 hours for the sectors in the medium risk class,
    • 12 hours for the sectors in the low risk class. 

Training courses for Supervisors 
SPECIFIC ADDITIONAL TRAINING (supplementary to that of the workers): 8 hours at the end of which a compulsory verification test is compulsory.

Training course for Managers: 16 hours, divided into 4 modules at the end of which a compulsory verification test is compulsory. 
MODULE 1. Legal –Regulations
MODULE 2. Safety management and organization
MODULE 3. Risk identification and evaluation
MODULE 4. Communication, training and consultation with the workers.

Training courses for the Representatives of the Workers for Safety (RLS): 32 hours initially with verification of the learning Annual update of 4 hours (companies from 15 to 50 workers) Annual update of 8 hours (companies with more than 50 workers)

Five yearly update for Workers, Supervisors and Managers: 6 hours Courses for the Managers of emergency management of low risk companies: 4 hours


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